Located In Lebanon, Tn 
                 I like to say I was "RAISED" by Dachshunds!  
I've been owned by dachshunds sense before I was born and have raised Miniature Dachshunds for over 18 years now. My babies are my pets and are inside ONLY.  We raise AKC and CKC Smooth and Long Haired Miniature Dachshunds and have several different colors to choose from.
We are NOT a kennel nor do our dogs stay in cages. We are a small Hobby Breeder who loves the breed and does our best to improve the breed. We Breed for pets to share the doxie love with others. We do not have show dogs nor do we charge show dog prices. We ONLY have a few litters a year and some have a waiting list. My dogs are ALL inside my home and raised by my family. As of 2015, we have 3 sons, a teenager, a toddler and an infant so we are a very busy family. Contact is usually best by email or text because I usually have my hands full or in something and can not answer the phone. My attention is on my "running" {picture a running toddler} family and dogs and puppies. I will do my best to get back with you as soon as I am able. {if I don't collapse from exhaustion first}  (HA HA) We welcome you to visit by appointment. 
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Just A Few Happy Pet Owners...
" Sadie Mae Report: It appears she is quite happy with us and is very spunky and already has the sweetest and sassiest attitude and personality! She is soooo loved! Thanks again for people like you that breed good dogs and love them all and take care of them the way that you do! ;) "
" I bought a dachshund from you in aug named cookie and we love her very much I have some pic of her on fb "
" Misty (Dinka) is obviously very well adjusted and it shows your love of your animals and the socialization with the other pups as well. :) She is sleeping in my lap right now. She has slept with me each night. The last two nights when she has slept -- she has been dreaming and talking in her sleep. I'll see how she does tonight -- perhaps she was dreaming of all of you -- in the course of her adjusting to her new home! :) "
" Jenny we are really enjoying Oscar. He is super sweet. Im glad we found him. Thank You. "
" I just recently went thru a hard, hard time losing my boxer "Dia" after 6 great years and it was so hard on me and my Daughter. I decided I wanted a smaller dog and I had been admiring your dogs and thought they were GREAT looking dogs. I finally talked my boyfriend into it and we came home with My Sadie Mae. She has given me so much love that I needed and is so smart and A joy to have in our home. Thank you so much for everything and also the Goodie bag with all the food and toys!!!! Never had A breeder do that! ;) " 
                 " Your Very Welcome, I'm Glad I Was Able To Help Fill The Hole In Your Heart! :) "

*** I care very much about my babies and new owners... I wish they all stayed in touch but sadly they don't. I breed to share my love of the Dachshund and This is one example I have done what I wanted! They are such great dogs... a big dog in a little body... a half a dog high and a dog and a half long!!! They are the love of my life!!!! ***
" Baby Dinka made it home and we are so happy! Jenny is a wonderful person -- to ever get your pups from. She treats the pups like the gems that they are and you the new parent like royality! AWESOME! Got to go play now. "
" I am glad I got her before you changed your mind. LOL Because she is so way A KEEPER KEEPER KEEPER doll baby! :)

My husband seems to be tickled with her too. He tries not to show his "softy" side but it is as big as mine -- just not as obvious! I told you -- she peed on him shortly after I got home. I tried to get her to go outside again but she didn't seem to need to. Only after about 10 minutes in the house in his lap -- she peed on his shirt. :) We just laughed -- it happens! Changed shirt -- give more hugs! "

" I have not seen a breeder so passionate about their dogs and babies as Jenny is with hers. She puts her heart and soul into taking care of the puppies and it shows. She makes sure that the puppies are going to a great home. Bella and Colt have made Brian and I so happy and are very healthy and are loveable to everyone. I know it has to do with their first 6 weeks of life and how well they were cared for. Thank you so much Jenny and you are highly recommended in my eyes!! "
And Thank you for bring her in to are lifes.
I "PROMISE YOU" she will have a great life an she will be loved!
Thanks again!! "
  We will have our first set of shots and be de-wormed.   We will  be ready for our         new forever homes at
            *8 weeks of age*
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***100% In Compliance*** 
AKC Inspected 3-13-2014