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 All of my dogs are my pets first and some have blessed me with babies. I have carefully chose who to breed to who and when.  I breed to share my love of them and their love for us with you and to better the breed. ( I only have a few litters a year ) I believe a Dachshund is one of the best dogs you can have... The BEST in my opinion!  I love my dogs very much and stay with them making sure all babies are born correctly and to make sure there are no problems. I have to help 90% of the time to make sure they are born and to get a clamp and clean cut on the cord. Plus... Momma needs help sometimes to be able to have their babies in time... I have only had to have one c-section so far. ( cross fingers ) We have to step in sometimes in order to save babies and/or momma. I know I am not the best... but I will share my knowlage with anyone who asks if I am able to answer the question... if not.. I will do my best to find out. After all... we learn something new everyday! No one knows it all... but some know more than others sometimes. Not everyone should breed!  There is a lot to it. I always recommend to spay/neuter by the age of 6 months old. A good breeder has thought out and planned every litter... they have learned what to do and what to expect. I do let a select few have breeding rights but they do have to ask and I approve of them. After all... they are all my babies!! After momma's get to a certain age... they need to retire. All of my girls stay with me after they retire... they are with me til death do us part. As long as they get along and don't cause too much trouble... they retire with me. I may have a few dogs, most are retired or retiring soon. Some are even decendants of my first. I tend to keep a baby girl back from one of the last litters or a special special girl from most of my girls. this keeps the line going. I love my pets... they are my babies. If you don't want fur on your clothes.. then don't sit down... after all.... its called "FUR-niture!"  :)
 Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my web site and see my beautiful babies! It means a lot to me and my babies!!! Check back often to see new updates and new puppies! I try and update about once a week when I have puppies available and can find the time to do so! :)
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